James J. Strang’s apparent similarities to Joseph Smith initially attracted many followers.  Most left after a few months or years because they did not see in Strang the same prophetic gifts Joseph Smith manifested.

  • If Strang sought to gain a following among the Latter-day Saints after the martyrdom, imitating Joseph Smith’s general accomplishments would be the most effective.
  • Multiple differences exist between Joseph Smith and James J. Strang.

Joseph Smith James J. Strang
Book of Mormon or equivalent Yes


Three Witnesses

Yes No
Shared visionary experiences Yes-multiple


Temple emphasis

Yes No
Uttered prophesies fulfilled Yes


Continued Church expansion

Yes No

Different Doctrines

Leading Church authority

President King
Assistants Counselors


Quorum of the Twelve

Apostles Princes in his Kingdom
Other priesthood High Priests


Blessing the Sacrament

Priests High Priests and Apostles

Sacrifictors and Singers



Rabboni, Rabbi, Doctor, Ruler, and Teacher

Marshals, Stewards and Ministers


High Council

King’s Council or King’s Court

Ten Commandments

Common Decalogue

Adds an elevenths commandment

Ordination of women None

Priest and Teacher

Animal Sacrifice

None an element of religious festivities
Eternal marriage Temple ceremony

Priests, Elders, High Priests or Apostles may perform this ceremony

Temple ordinances

Highest ordinances





Strangite parallels to the Book of Mormon Witnesses