Debunking the CES Letter

A response to the CES Letter spin, half-truths, and outright lies.

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Read three more of the most popular responses to the CES Letter.

Read Jim Bennett's amusing yet detailed reply to the CES Letter. He addresses every single line in the CES Letter. And yes, if you know Jim, he uses a little sarcasm and snark.

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Michael Ash is a LDS scholar whose book can be found on Amazon. He covers the core issues in a clear easy-to-read manner.

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This may be the best reply to the CES Letter to-date. Sarah Allen created 70 posts -- nearly 800 pages in Microsoft Word -- of well-documented replies to the CES letter.
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50+ Video Responses

Hours of videos by numerous contributors.

What is the CES Letter?

Watch nearly 50 videos addressing CES Letter Topics


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