03 Truth can’t be harmed

Elder Neal A. Maxwell observed:

"Church members will live in this wheat-and-tares situation until the Millennium. Some real tares even masquerade as wheat, including the few eager individuals who lecture the rest of us about Church doctrines in which they no longer believe. They criticize the use of Church resources to which they no longer contribute. They condescendingly seek to counsel the Brethren whom they no longer sustain. Confrontive, except of themselves, of course, they leave the Church, but they cannot leave the Church alone. . . Perhaps in their mockings and beneath the stir are repressed doubts of their doubts."

Several rebuttals have been produced demonstrating the weaknesses of the claims in Letter to a CES Director:

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Eye of the Beholder, Law of the Harvest: Observations on the Inevitable Consequences of the Different Investigative Approaches of Jeremy Runnells and Jeff Lindsay by Kevin Christensen [Article]  [PDF] [MP3] 

Some Reflections On That Letter To a CES Director by Daniel C. Peterson 

I am convinced Jeremy Runnells is the anti-Mormon equivalent of a science-denier like Ken Hamm by Joseph Smidt

An Open Letter to Jeremy Runnells by Neal Rappleye, Part 1

An Open Letter to Jeremy Runnells by Neal Rappleye, Part 2 

Coping with the "Big List" of Attacks on the LDS Faith by Jeff Lindsay

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 CES Reply