Critics who claim that references to “iron” in the Book of Mormon are anachronisms ignore important contradictory evidences.

  • The use of iron among the Book of Mormon peoples is mentioned five times (2 Nephi 5:15, Jarom 1:8, Mosiah 11:3, Mosiah 11:8, Ether 10:23). The last reference is in about 170 B.C. in Mosiah 11. There is no clear reason why it is not mentioned anywhere in the remaining Book of Mormon.
  • Iron was known to exist among later inhabitants of the Americas. Early Spaniards recorded that Aztecs used iron-studded clubs.
  • Artifacts have been discovered preserved that are unquestionably of iron. A pottery vessel dating to about A.D. 300 found at Teotihuacan, and apparently used for smelting, contained a "metallic-looking" mass. Analyzed chemically, it proved to contain copper and iron.
  • Peoples in Mesoamerica exploited iron minerals from early times. Lumps of hematite, magnetite, and ilmenite were brought into Valley of Oaxaca sites from some of the thirty-six ore exposures located near or in the valley.
  • It is impossible to prove iron did not exist so claiming it is an anachronism could only be done based upon unprovable assumptions.