Critics who claim that references to “swine” in the Book of Mormon are anachronisms are unwilling to acknowledge important contradictory evidences.

  • “Swine” are mentioned only once in the Book of Mormon, a species of animal present among the Jaredites (Ether 9:18). Nephite swine are not mentioned.
  • The peccary is not a member of the pig family, but is often confused with the species and was present during Book of Mormon times.

swinelike peccary

  • That swine were not mentioned, but that peccaries were likely present supports that narrow interpretations of the species of animals mentioned is not always justified.
  • Two distinct species of peccary live in Mesoamerica and were hunted for food.
  • As already observed, it is impossible to prove something did not exist. The process becomes more difficult if the translation of languages is involved because it may be impossible to accurately identify the thing reportedly absent.