13 comparing the 38 similarities

View of the Hebrews - Chart Analysis

A review of the 38 similarities mentioned shows that many of them are overly general. The lack of specificity diminishes the value of the alleged parallel. Titles like “language,” “pride denounced,” Americas,” and “Ethan/Ether,” are not particularly impressive:



The destruction of Jerusalem

The scattering of Israel

The restoration of the Ten Tribes

Hebrews leave the Old World for the New World

Religion a motivating factor

Migrations a long journey

Encounter "seas" of "many waters"

The Americas an uninhabited land

Settlers journey northward

Encounter a valley of a great river

A unity of race (Hebrew) settle the land and are the ancestral origin of American Indians

Hebrew the origin of Indian


Egyptian hieroglyphics

Lost Indian records

Breastplate, Urim & Thummim

A man standing on a wall warning the people saying, “Wo, wo to this city...to this people” while subsequently being attacked.

Prophets, spiritually gifted men transmit generational records

The Gospel preached in the


Quotes whole chapters of Isaiah

Good and bad are a necessary opposition

Pride denounced

Polygamy denounced

Sacred towers and high places

Messiah visits the Americas

Idolatry and human sacrifice

Hebrews divide into two classes, civilized and barbarous

Civilized thrive in art, written language, metallurgy, navigation

Government changes from monarchy to republic

Civil and ecclesiastical power is united in the same person

Long wars break out between the civilized and barbarous

Extensive military fortifications, observations, "watch towers"

Barbarous exterminate the civilized

Discusses the United States


While 38 may sound impressive, the View of the Hebrews  is roughly a fifth the size of the original Book of Mormon text, so the alleged parallels and influences could never have been quantitatively very great.