Jeremy Runnell’s Methodology

Jeremy Runnell's Methodology

The author of Letter to a CES Director, reflects sincerity as he writes: "I’m genuinely interested in. . . answers. . . to these troubling problems.” However, the methodology used to investigate the "troubling problems" is troubling in itself.

It appears the process he implements has four steps: 

  1. Create unrealistic narrow expectations.
  2. Superficially examine the evidence.
  3. Be disappointed.
  4. Feel victimized and fight the Church.

Instead, another approach to Church history and teachings is recommended by author Richard Bushman:

It requires a lot of independence and a certain amount of courage to keep looking at all sides of the issue, to read the apologists as well as the critics and to try to try and figure it out for yourself. My number one piece of advice is to don’t falter. Go right into the heart of the problem. Try to figure out what is it precisely about this that is disruptive, what is it that troubles me most. And state that problem in the most severe form you can. And state that problem as clearly as you can. And then try honestly to accumulate information that bears on all sides of the problem.  That is the best way I think you will arrive at a resolution.[1]

This website is designed to do just that.  The author of The CES Letter has presented his views, which he apparently believes, but how well will they stand up as observers "accumulate information that bears on all sides of the problem"? Each claim is countered with valid observations and additional links to help inquirers to "keep looking at all sides of the issue."