Palmyra NY Sources

Palmyra, NY During Joseph's Life




Museums and Collections

  • Erie Canal Museum
  • Palmyra library
  • Town of Palmyra
    • Meetings Minutes 1793-present
      • 1820 meeting minutes
        • June 13, 1820 - Smith House location: "Minutes of the survey of a public highway beginning on the south line of Township No. 12, 2nd Range of township in the Town of Palmyra, 3 rods, 114 links southeast of Joseph Smith's dwelling house, thence north 3 degrees, west 192 rods, thence north 2 degrees, east 24 rods, thence north 3 degrees, west 76 rods, thence north 2 degrees, 58 rods, thence north 7 degrees, east 26 rods, thence north 11 degrees, east 47 rods to the line of lots owned by Zebulun Williams and the house of John Hurlbut, thence north 1 ½ degrees, east on said line 68 rods, thence north 4 degrees, west 42 rods to the south line of Main Street, 2 rods west"

Journals & Clues:

Palmyra Accounts:

1820 Palmyra Census: (8 pages)



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Map of Palmyra NY, 1812 Milton Bachman