Promises of Salvation

Salvation Threats Made During Proposal?

These statements in The CES Letter are based upon half-truths and misrepresentations.

No person, who had been sealed in an eternal or plural marriage, ever claimed that the ceremony guaranteed them salvation.

No credible evidence exists showing that Joseph told a woman she would lose salvation if she did not marry him. Lucy Walker remembered the Prophet insisted that “A woman would have her choice, this was a privilege that could not be denied her.”

Helen Mar Kimball left contradictory statements regarding her understanding of Joseph Smith’s teachings. Her parents clearly did not believe that her sealing to the Prophet brought them salvific blessings. Neither did Helen later affirm such.

The story that Joseph Smith told a woman an angel would kill him if she did not marry him is fictional. 

When Sarah Granger told Joseph to teach plural marriage “to some one else,” he responded simply by saying “I will not cease to pray for you.”

None of Joseph Smith's 35 plural wives later accuse him of impropriety. Seven left the Church but even they did not bring allegations against him concerning their former relationships with him.

None of the 114 other men and women who were sealed in plural marriages during Joseph Smith’s lifetime later criticized him or claimed he abused his authority in marrying his plural wives.


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