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Is Josesph Smith like Warren Jeffs? Let's investigate.


I have a problem with this. This is Warren Jeffs territory. This is not the Joseph Smith I grew up learning about in the Church and having a testimony of. This is not the Joseph Smith to whom I sang “Praise to the Man” or taught others about for two years in the mission field.

Many members do not realize that there is a set of very specific and bizarre rules outlined in Doctrine & Covenants 132 (still in LDS canon despite President Hinckley publicly stating that polygamy is not doctrinal) on how polygamy is to be practiced. (A closer look editorial note: Hinckely comment addressed in its own section) It is the kind of revelation you would expect from the likes of Warren Jeffs to his FLDS followers.

CES Letter, Page 55

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Today, Warren Jeffs is more closely aligned to Joseph Smith’s Mormonism than the modern LDS Church is.


CES Letter, Page 59

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That there’s actually a polygamous god who revealed a Warren Jeffs style revelation on polygamy

CES Letter, Page 128


This is an attempt to link Joseph Smith with a VERY bad person... Joseph didn't rape his own daughter like Jeffs. Even non-lds scholars agree Jeffs is off.

Joseph Smith and Warren Jeffs

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The differences between Joseph Smith and Warren Jeffs are much greater than their similarities. They both practiced polygamy, but their styles, motives, behaviors, religious claims, and approaches to plural marriage are starkly different.

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