Facsimile 1 – Differing Opinions

Book of Abraham Facsimile #1

Egyptologists do not agree how to restore this illustration.

Non-Mormon Egyptologist Lanny Bell rejects the presence of the phallus and a second bird hovering above the figure on the lion couch in his reconstruction of Facsimile 1.

Iconographic considerations and eyewitness statements that describe the state of the original papyri cast serious doubt over the validity of the The CES Letter's reconstructed image of Facsimile 1 (which, in turn, is relying on an outdated reconstruction made in the 1970s).

It is unknown whether Joseph believed he was restoring missing portions, or if those portions were known to him, but lost after coming into his possession.

Another possibility is that he received the text by revelation and repurposed the incomplete facsimilie by adding elements so it corresponded to the events in the Book of Abraham.

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