Common Pagan Funerary Text (Pt.2)

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"A Common Funerary Text"

CES Letter Core Question

The CES Letter uses the term "common" or "standard funerary text" six times in the CES Letter. Does this matter?

Claiming the Book of Abraham is "A Common Funerary Text" is an unfortunate deliberate misrepresentation.

It is based upon the assumption that the text around Facsimile 1 is the source of the Book of Abraham, but this claim is debatable.

Anyone who has read the Book of Abraham knows it is not a funerary text.

The Church has acknowledged for decades that the immediate hieroglyphics around the facsimile have nothing to do with the Book of Abraham. Click here

The text around Facsimile 1 has long been acknowledged as the Book of Breathings.

Recent scholarship indicates that ancient Egyptian funerary literature had connections with the Egyptian temple. It is therefore not improbable to associate the Book of Abraham (which has clear temple themes and connections) with this funerary literature.


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