Facsimile 1 – Unique Lion Couch Scene

Facsimile #1 - The Lion Couch Scene

The claim in The CES Letter that the lion couch scene in is "the same scene discovered elsewhere in Egypt" is misleading. With or without the penciled changes, the lion couch vignette in Facsimile 1 is different from other lion couch drawings. 

Numerous differences can be identified including the fact that the figure in Facsimile 1 is alive and dressed and the position of the priest is unique in that he is between the legs of the supine figure and the lion couch table.

If another similar lion couch hieroglyph had been found, it is like that those hostile to Joseph Smith would have already published it.

Consider these examples obtained from the Internet.




Whether restored with the penciled additions or according to some Egyptologist's speculations, Facsimile 1 is unique. The unique elements in Facsimile 1 demand careful methodological considerations before we begin interpreting the scene.



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