Martin’s Beliefs After Mormonism

Martin Harris' Beliefs After Mormonism

CES Letter Core Question

What were Martin's beliefs after leaving the church?

After Joseph’s death, Harris continued this earlier pattern by joining and leaving 5 more different sects

CES Letter, Page 90

After his excommunication, Martin was associated with the following groups, all of whom accepted the Book of Mormon as scripture:

  • Parrish-Boynton
  • Rebaptism by LDS missionary (1842)
  • Strangites (1846)
  • William McLellin’s abortive reorganization (1847–48)
  • Gladdenites
  • Return to LDS Church (1870)

Martin also had some sympathy for the Shakers’ view of on-going revelation, but did not adopt many of their practices and tenants. Click here