Witnesses Credibility

Are the Witnesses Reliable?

There are several critical problems for relying and betting on these 19th century men as credible witnesses.

CES Letter, Page 86

The CES Letter seeks to discredit the witnesses by cherry picking a select few quotes. A complete examination of available documents strengthens their credibility. 

The witnesses were also practical men. Click here.

Martin Harris checked Joseph’s translation with an acknowledged expert, and came away convinced. Click here.

Harris also replaced the seer stone without Joseph’s knowledge as a “blinded trial.” Click here.

Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer tested Joseph’s ability to use the seer stone to see things more than one hundred miles distant that they knew about, but Joseph did not. Click here.

One hostile source thought Martin was “quite skeptical” and practical, except when it came to Joseph’s claims. So, they did not see him as gullible or easy to deceive—that is why they could not understand why he believed Joseph. Click here.